Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Chasing Rainbows

I stand at the base of the biomedical mountain, clutching your rapidly growing hand.  We've stood here many times only making tiny steps upwards, often landing on our arses. But alas we start again, still searching for your pot of gold.

Monday, 2 May 2011

A Wee Convo-The Wii Connection

Today Finn (my eldest) and I had to go 'see a man about a dog'.  With Autism having such a huge impact on our day to day lives it was a rare moment for us to have time to connect and chat.  Oddly enough (or not) the subject soon turned to what it means to have Autism.

Me: "You know how with the Wii there  is the red, white and yellow cords?"
Finn: "Yeah"
Me :"Well you know how when you plug the wrong connections in, how the Wii doesn't work properly. Like you get the picture but no sound?"
Finn: "yeah?"
Me: "Thats kind of like Autism.  Some people have a lot of Autism because more of their connections are in the wrong holes.  They have to try really hard at focussing on the things that work for them that they can't work on the things that have the wrong connections"
Finn: "So Dillon and Carly from YouTube have a lot of the cords in the wrong connections?
Me: "Yeah that's right"
Finn: " That's why  they yell and hurt themselves, because it feels like their heads are going to explode with all the wrong connections?"
Me: "Yes Finn.  There are other people though that only have a couple of cords in the wrong connections."
Finn: "Like Billy?"
Me: "Yeah like Billy"
Finn: "Poor Dillon.  So Mum?"
Me: "Yes Finn?"
Finn: "If this is what has happened to Dillon why do you get so angry and yell a lot?"
Me: " It can be difficult to see your child in so much anguish and pain.  It causes a lot of stress for me and  I don't always choose the best way to deal with it.  But I am working on that Finn."
Finn: "That's good Mum".

Finn really likes Wii.