Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Calmer Waters

It's around 4am when I roll out of bed and throw on yesterday's clothes.  The baby has had me awake since 2am and there are chia seed crackers and walnut/macadamia cookies that need turning in the dehydrator.
It seems funny to be doing sun salutations when the moon is still in the sky.......
My body aches too much to persist with yoga so I sit in the stillness of the morning and sip water. I can hear the Paddy walking around upstairs  so I steal some time to myself back under the covers before  'showtime'.

I find myself wondering how many other Mothers lie in bed waiting to hear how loudly her child's feet hit the floor in order to gauge the tone of the morning?  Probably more than I imagine.  Dillon crawls under the covers with me and snuggles.  He is happy and well rested.  I exhale.

I serve scrambled eggs and vegetable soup for breakfast.  I really appreciate the fact that Finn is willing to have this with Dillon.  I can't imagine too many kids his age happily eating vegetable soup in the morning.   Pretty soon Spectacular Spiderman will be down with a different order and the baby will up for his usual. When  did my house become cafe?  Breathe........

The scene here is in sharp contrast to other  mornings over the past month and I am reminded of how much food matters. No fights, no yelling and most of all no tears.   Dillon is calm, I am calm and his brothers are calm.  It's a good morning.  I exhale.


  1. Sounds like as good a start to a day as you can have!

  2. I like veggie soup and so do my kids.....mind you, mine has a bacon hock in it ;)